Is your workplace challenged by Millennials?

Attract Millennials 

Will they feel comfortable in your workplace?

Many Millennials research a company’s culture* to see how they might fit in before accepting a job. Make sure you have the kind of culture your future employees will find attractive or they won’t even apply.

Bring the best Millennials into your company. Fill open positions faster. Reduce recruitment costs and time.**

[*Glassdoor claims 83% of U.S. job seekers read its reviews on companies.][**According to Deloitte, U.S. companies spent $2 billion in 2017 searching for employees.]

Engage Millennials

Is there a path for their talent development?

Millennials don’t like to be unfulfilled. They’re driven to help make the world more compassionate and innovative. Tap into their quest for purpose and maximize their knowledge and talents.

Engage Millennials so they contribute to your company at the highest levels possible, positively impacting your bottom line.

[2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey Millennials disappointed in business, unprepared for Industry 4.0]

Retain Millennials 

Have you given them a reason to stay at your company?

Six out of 10 working Millennials are looking for a new job right now. Although retaining them will always be a challenge, you can be certain your culture cultivates and encourages longer-term commitments.

Learn what motivates Millennials and keeps them around longer, lowering your retention and retraining costs.***

[***43% Millennials envision leaving their jobs in two years. Only 28% plan to stay more than five years. [Deloitte Millennial Survey]

Unlock the Power of Millennials

Bright, tech savvy, and the largest generational group in the U.S. workplace, Millennials are making great contributions. Yet Millennials can be tough to attract, retain and engage. Their expectations don’t always fit into traditional corporate structures. And if their workplace desires are not met, well, Millennials will move on to another employer.

To minimize this challenge, many companies are adopting polices to create a culture that appeals to Millennials in order to benefit from their positive impact. Is your business doing the same?

If your business is struggling to adjust, or needs to smooth over misunderstandings, Maximizing Millennials can translate those issues into reasonable and workable recommendations. We use a unique blend of listening techniques, focus groups and interviews, along with a corporate mindset to help your business grow, prosper and reduce turnover.

How to Maximize Your Millennials

How can you maximize the ambitions and talents of the Millennials within your company? How can you determine the best ways to work with their generational style instead of against it? First, you need to find out exactly what’s on the minds of your employees, with focused listening and some in-depth discussions. Then you must be able to identify, capture and decode their key thoughts before you can take action.

The Advantages of Hiring an External Expert

You might not be able to obtain actionable feedback by conducting standard surveys or assigning these tasks to internal resources. Why? Because your employees may not be so forthcoming when speaking with someone from within your company. However, an experienced third-party facilitator often brings better results. Maximizing Millennials, a trusted external expert, can get accurate and beneficial information.


Maximizing Millennials Program
  • Generational focus group discussions
  • One-on-one discovery interviews
  • Engagement / satisfaction survey
  • Summary presentations and reports
  • Recommendations for recruitment, retention and culture strategies
  • Hybrid program starts at $15,000
  • On-Site program (not currently available)
  • Ideal group size 8-10
  • Duration estimate 4-6 weeks
  • Tailored programs available

About Maximizing Millennials

Chris Sidner
Millennial Whisperer


Richard Pfaff
CEO / Owner
All West Container Company
South San Francisco, CA

Lisa Abdilova Anderson
CEO / Owner
Well Connected Now
San Francisco

Julie White
Internal Communications Manager
San Francisco

Maryanne Garcia
Master Colorist
Renaissance Salon
San Francisco

Many enthusiastic Millennials have provided valuable input to this program idea, along with some tried and true HR execs.

Thank you for your input!

20+ years in tech working with Millennials and Xers

15+ years in corporate management

Millennial mentor

MBA, Motivational Management


Chris Sidner has been called a “Millennial Whisperer,” and for good reason. Although she is a Baby Boomer, she “gets” Millennials.

Having experienced vastly different business environments, Chris has survived and also enjoyed many versions of company culture in her career. Her early years in the traditional corporate world, coupled with 20+ years in tech / start-up type companies, Chris has produced a hybrid mindset that is ideal to work with companies struggling to motivate and engage Millennials.

Charged with managing teams at a young age, Chris had to figure out ways to motivate her colleagues to achieve company goals. Earning an MBA in Motivational Management, and briefly heading up an HR department, enhanced her managerial capabilities. Yet working with multiple generations of employees in various business settings had the greatest impact on Chris. Her experiences created a sensitivity to the significant role culture plays in attracting and retaining motivated and productive workers.

Well-developed skills in listening, understanding and earning trust gained from managing large corporate software accounts round out her expertise and enable Chris to resonate with Millennials from a corporate perspective. She now helps companies decode the passion and knowledge of Millennials to maximize and benefit from their talents. It’s not a secret, although she does do some whispering.


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