The Future of Work is Hybrid.

Companies really don’t know what will come next and are wrestling with reopening, even as many employees are already back in the workplace. Key surveys present a strong case for the need for a thoughtful, employee-focused transition plan with flexible work options, robust safety protocols, and better work experiences for all.

Many employees are hesitant to go back to the office for a variety of reasons, so a company-wide survey is the best way to find out what your teams need to comfortably come back to the office and be productive. If more is needed, a smaller select group interview/survey program can provide a deeper validation of sentiments.  

Reopening the Office as a Hybrid Model? Learn What Your Workforce is Thinking with a Small Group Interview/Survey Program.

With a small group program of up to 10 employees, a more intimate deep dive can uncover unfiltered reactions to going back to the office: Four small group components can support or add to findings from a company-wide hybrid survey:

  1. Review of leadership’s expectations
  2. Initial group meeting
  3. Individual one-on-one interviews
  4. Employee engagement/hybrid survey

Deliverables: Survey results, report and recommendations.

All components should help expose personalized and comprehensive feedback and pinpoint specific concerns of going back to the office as well as reveal any culture changes or sources of friction that may have occurred as a result of working remote. With third-party oversight, one step removed from the company, interviews with safe listening can reveal genuine personal anxieties that might be missed before solidifying a workable employee supported hybrid model. All meetings are online.




Implement a Hybrid Work Culture Feedback Program with Four Components:

Read what employees think about their experience working remote and their thoughts of going back to the office – from surveys conducted by McKinsey & Company: What employees are saying about the future of remote work”

1. Review of Leadership’s Expectations and Timeline for Feedback

Are you experiencing resistance in plans to reopen the office? What are some of the reasons? Many employees have proven they can work remotely and can offer valuable input, so no matter how final your guidelines, policies and approaches are for a hybrid model, it’s helpful to outline expectations of any additional feedback. 

2. Group Meeting For Feedback Overview

The group session is personalized but general. Concerns with coming back to the office can be uncovered –  resistance to rigid work schedules, too much or not enough manager support, loss of time due to commutes, perceived reduced work/life balance, health and safety and general lack of flexibility. Constructive suggestions can come out of this group meeting, with helpful contributions to an evolving hybrid work plan.


3. One-On-One Interviews with Each Group Member

With individual interviews, helpful specific issues can be pinpointed, to be reported in a general format to protect the privacy of each member. Genuine and relatively unfiltered concerns will help add color to any general issues that may need to be addressed.

4. Hybrid Work Culture Online Survey with Results and Recommendations

The online survey is lightly based on the tried-and-true Gallup Q12 Index Survey with added specific, relevant and actionable topics for hybrid workforce issues. The survey will address communication, workload expectations, culture, technology tools, meeting frequency and manager support levels and should uncover helpful suggestions for a hybrid plan, revealing and hopes and fears. Life back in the office will be enhanced with strong support from key individuals and will offer valuable information for hybrid policies.   


The program is designed for groups of workers of up to 10 individuals and has an expected duration of about 4-6 weeks (timing dependent on client availability) with deliverables of survey results and overview report.  The standard price begins at $15,000 and although the standard program should provide enough helpful information to add to a hybrid model plan, programs can be customized to your company’s specific needs.

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