The Maximizing Millennials Standard Program begins at $9,500. It is designed for groups of up to 10 individuals and has an expected duration of about 4-6 weeks (timing dependent on client availability).

Programs for larger groups, multiple groups or that are further tailored to your company’s specific needs, are available at an additional cost.

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The Maximizing Millennials Program


What Are They Thinking?

The Maximizing Millennials onsite working sessions are personalized and hands-on, with comprehensive feedback. Through group meetings, focus groups and individual interviews, we will uncover information that can become a valuable part of your company’s recruitment, retention and development strategies. We can also pinpoint any sources of friction and suggest solutions. With this added insight, you’ll be able to tap into the true talents and skills of your Millennials so they align with your company goals.

Standard Program Agenda

The following deliverables are included in the standard program:

  • Discuss goals with leadership; identify pain points and expected outcomes of program
  • Conduct focus group interviews with various age groups
  • Administer anonymous benchmark engagement / satisfaction survey
  • Meet with Millennials one-on-one (up to 10) to gather key input
  • Share findings, interpret results (presentations and reports)
  • Discuss strategies with leadership to improve company culture and help increase employee retention
  • Make recommendations for recruitment, retention and culture strategies, following additional analysis